>   How Long Does Shipping Take?


All MvmtPod packages are shipped from our warehouse in the USA - delivery times will vary based on your proximity to the city. Typical shipping windows are:

United States: 3 business days*

*P.S.S Due to the high volume, our current warehouse processing time is 24 hours to 3  business days, depending on the item you ordered


>   How Can I Track My Order?


Tracking information is sent to your email when your order ships. You may also receive a text message with info regarding shipping


Why MvmtPods?


MvmtPods are the most unique wireless headphones on the market. Why be basic and get normal white pods when you can have sleek matte black ones!


Our process of design and manufacturing is unlike any of our competitors and we take pride in that.

With MvmtPods you are buying an experience and lifestyle...be prepared for people asking you where you got those! ;)


Returns and Exchanges


Well...you will love them, we don't have a doubt in mind.


We do not offer returns but if your product comes damaged or has some issues, we do not mind offering exchanges.


Here at MvmtPods, our main focus is customer service. We will do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase!



100% Authentic Pods


Our MvmtPods are 100% Custom and Unique. Based on our own Pod Concept, our technologies are fully authentic.